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I was going to dedicate this post to my sweet friend, Nathalie-Roze, but this shoot isn't what I think of when I think of her.  I'm pretty sure she will like these photos, but they're just not my vision of "her".
So, I've got some ideas for tomorrow and I hope she'll be pleased. ❤
What do you think of my vintage typewriter? I mod-podged a San Diego map to it about a year ago. It's a little shabby, but it's held up well. I kinda love it. 😍
Let's see, what else is vintage?  The gorgeous Swingline Cub stapler certainly is. It's such an amazing shade of red! Oh, how I love it! 💋 And do you see the little mini swingline?  It's cute too, but I'm uncertain if it's vintage. There's also a very cool metal label maker, which works perfectly. I think it might be kinda rare even . . . not sure though.
Did you notice the lovely wood handled desk stamp? Pretty  neat, huh? The tea cup is an oldie, but I didn't really show it that well.
Lastly, there is an out of this world address/telephone number finder. I adore both it's color and sleek lines.😚
This challenge is almost over, guys, and I'm both happy and sad about it.  It has been the perfect challenge for me. The daily consistency  (mostly) and the putting myself out there has given me even more confidence in my work. It's opened new doors, made me new friends and given me a clearer idea of what I want to do.

Mostly, it's made me even more grateful to be able to do what I  love to do . . .every day. What a blessing. Thank you for your part in my dream come true. ❤


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