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Hi, guys!  I've discovered something . . . or rather, rediscovered. (for the umpteenth time!) Writing sales copy is not my thing!

Like, for instance, writing a "sales page". I tried to write it like the industry standard and I just couldn't.   I go completely blank, or write ridiculous things that I would never really say!

So, instead of trying to talk like someone I'm not, I'm simply going to talk like "me".

Like we are sitting across the table from each other enjoying a cup of coffee, or tea if you prefer.

And we'll chat about my biz and I'll show you photos and graphics and give you the lowdown on how much it costs, how you get them, why you need them and what you can do with them. Simple, right?

I'm liking simple more and more these days. Now then, would you like a big, fat, pumpkin spice cookie with your beverage? (And yeah, I do say beverage . . . I was a server for years and some things just stick!😉

So, let me tell you briefly about my biz.  Yourdori❤Girl Photography is a styled stock photography subscription library.  What I do is, take lots of gorgeous photographs. Everyday. Like tons of them!  It is my sweet spot! ❤

And I think my photos might look pretty amazing on your website, blog, shop and all of your social media.

I also love to add inspiring, motivating and sometimes funny quotes to my images and include these in the library as well.

I shoot pretty much anything that catches my eye and you'll be sure to find plenty to suit your particular needs at any given time.

I've got 3 Instagram Galleries that you can take a peek at and get a better feel for my style and see if we're a fit. Of course, none of the photos in the library will have my watermark on them.


Here's how the subscription works. (Now mind you, this is a work in progress . . . always, but I'm not one to wait till everything is "perfect" 😊)

The YGP styled stock library is loaded into a private Instagram Gallery.

Once you've chosen the best subscription option for your biz, you will recieve an email confirming your subscription and a password to get your paws on all of YGP'Styled gorgeous styled stock images. Yay!

There will be beautiful mockups for your products, prints & text overlays, flatlays of all kinds, craft and food photography, nature, and wonderful styled photos that I've yet to imagine. Or you too! What kind of photos and quotes are you imagining? What have you always dreamed of when you think about how you want your online business to stand out and shine?

Let's redefine creativity together!

Payment options are simple and straightforward.  Whether you're just starting on your entrepreneurial adventure or you are a seasoned pro, you are going marvel at both the images and the incredible savings I'm offering you, my fellow boss ladies.  Having beautiful, creative and high quality stock photos for your biz does not have to be expensive or out of your budget at all. It's simply not true. 🤔

The above graphic outlines my low every day prices.

Pretty much a no-brainer, huh?

So, now what?

Now you can immediately get started using your images by simply swiping it (taking a screenshot) cropping it and then saving it to your gallery or Dropbox or wherever works best for you.  Of course, you could also just post it to any of your social media platforms immediately!

An alternative way:

Take a screenshot. Go to your IG gallery. Tap the camera icon. This is where you can find your gallery images. The image you just screenshot will be the first showing.  Now tap  it, center and crop it, add your brilliant caption and post it in the usual way.

Now, if you want to post your image anywhere else, follow through like you are posting it and actually post it still. (of course, you don't have to add a caption) Yep, I said post it . . . and then remove it by tapping the 3 dots in the top right hand corner and delete it.

If this sounds complicated, trust me, it's really not. You may know how already.  It probably takes me about 5 seconds to complete the process using either method.

Of course, you can easily scroll through the photos and pick and choose whatever suits your fancy.  I'm also working on making it even easier for you.  I'm categorizing the YGP images by using hash tags to simply locate what you're searching for.

Okay, guys, I've talked enough . . .

I'd love for you to sign up for my email list, if you haven't already! 😊

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❤ xoxoxo

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