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Three Reasons I'm Completely Rebranding My Business!

I'm going to get right to it guys, because I am on a tight schedule these days! Between this whole new biz I'm working on with my daughter, Aisha and "soft launching" on May 15th, (which means we'll start posting on social media with behind the scenes and sneak peeks of what we've got in store for you!) and the full reveal on July 15th, (EEEEK!!!) a very cool children's book collaboration and Ramadan coming up at the end if the month . . . not to mention about a million other things! 😜 But I'm actually getting to be pretty organized these days, so I'm not feeling overwhelmed or stressed out one bit. (mostly😉) So why am I rebranding?
My daughter, Aisha, and I have been talking about working together for over a decade now. Sharing what we'd like to do, what products we'd like to make or design, what we would like to offer "the world", dreaming big, ya know?

We are ready to make that dream come true. To turn it into goals with a plan and simply quit "just talking" about it and DO IT!! And, oh my goodness, I've never been so excited and BEYOND ready for a new adventure in my life!

It's not just a biz rebrand either, it's an entire life rebrand! You know that feeling you get . . . when something "just feels right"? When everything seems to be perfectly aligned and falls into it's proper place with such ease? When that lightbulb moment happens and that missing puzzle piece has been found? When you say to yourself loud and clear . . . YES, this is it!!  When the birds are chirping just for you and unicorns are jumping for joy? Okay, maybe not that last part, but you know what I mean, right?🤣

This new/old biz idea feels like that to me and it feels like that to Aisha! It feels right. Full stop. 😍

Since this is also a life rebrand, I've not waited to start, like we're making you wait for the new website and biz! Virtually the minute we made the decision to move forward with this long awaited plan, we've both started making the changes we wanted in our life. Positive stuff. Good for us stuff. Creating new habits. And being so very grateful for this mind shift and opportunity.

We hope you are gonna love it too and feel right at home! ❤



  1. Omg. I love that typewriter and I'm so sad and bummed that my father used a typewriter like that for decades as a university philosophy professor........don't think he ever touched a computer......ha. He typed all his student tests and professional papers on old Underwood. He also presented his papers internationally .......and I inherited the typewriter and kept it many years after he passed away.......but one day with much ambiguity .....I put it on the curb for garbage.....omg ������ because I didn't know where I could keep it since I had to get rid of a lot of my belongings to move into smaller living space.......������ ANYWAY IM VERY HAPPY FOR YOU NANCY❤️❤️❤️������

  2. It is going to be awesome. Wait! Stop this minute! Was that a unicorn jumping past my window???

  3. I'm sew excited to see what's coming!!! <3


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