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February Flatlay Challenge - Flatlay a Day For 28 Days! ❤ Day 7

No, your monitor did not lose it's color function!  I actually did a flatlay where the predominent theme is black and white! What, no color?
Well, almost no color.   I did succumb to a few tiny pops of color.  More like popettes really. 😉
The petite drop of a turquoise crystal and glorious gold.  A miniature crimson heart and just a slim slice of hot pink.
This flatlay is also heavy on several different designs and shapes. There are diamonds, stripes, hexagons, circles, hearts and polka dots. And yes, polka dots are different than circles . . . to me anyway. 😜 I used 4 different 12"x12" designer paper, again from Canvas Corp Brands.
The amazing little dishes are from AZ and Airalee, the same designer as I used in a couple of eariler posts.  Dana gave me some air dry clay to try and make some myself. I'm so looking forward to giving it a go! ❤
I'm on the fence on this flatlay though.  I was out of my comfort zone and feeling kind of weird, but I kept going.
My daughter,  Aisha,  says it's one of her favorites.

What do you guys think?  Does it work for you?
Well, this was the last day of paper crafts and sewing arts week.  I had a blast!  I sure hope you enjoyed yourselves, as well!

I'll see you tomorrow for flower week.  We had to reschedule Tuesday errand day, to tomorrow.  I'll get few pretty bunches of flowers then! 🌼🌻🌺🌹


Psssst!!  It's always lovely receive a comment, yet you needn't feel obliged.  Please know though that it is always appreciated and so are you! 😊.


  1. It's pretty, but not as interesting (to me) as the earlier ones this week. I think it is because it is mostly dishes and doesn't have as much variety. It's not the colors - I love black and white and gold.

  2. It was an interesting shoot, that's for sure, Carole! It felt good though to stretch myself a bit. I sure do appreciate your feedback! ❤


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