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February Flatlay Challenge - Flatlay a Day For 28 Days! ❤ Day 10

 Another day, another flatlay. 💘
I typed the words on a vintage typewriter.  Cool, huh? ❤
Only, I ran out of time again today!  Arrrgh!
Don't you just love the little miniature paper cutter? 😍
So we are going down memory lane once more and you will get 2 NEW flatlays tomorrow.
Yep, I washi taped my Parcheesi board! ❤
These images all go way back, and they all have a story.  I could tell you exactly what was going on in my life when these were taken.  I'm so happy to have these photos to look back on! 🤗
Can you tell what is real and what is digital in this flatlay?🤔
I'm super excited about tomorrow's shoot, I've already have it planned out, so I should be timely! I'll see you tomorrow! Have an excellent Friday night! 😊


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