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Flatlay Challenge - Flatlay a Day For 28 Days! ❤ Day 13

Day 13!  WOW!  Today's shoot was not quite what I planned. I had a totally different flatlay in mind.  And it happened right in the middle of the shoot!
Does that ever happen to you?  I've done craft projects like that too. Where you're going along fine and then you're just not feeling it anymore?
Nothing in this flatlay is close to my original idea, except for the little wood slices.  And I like it a lot better!
Sometimes it's like that in life too. You gotta just step back and take a different view of things.  Maybe you need to adjust a few things, shake it up a little or just leave it for a few days and come back to it with a clear head and a fresh outlook. Deep, huh? 😜
Well, I've got one more day of flower flatlays and I'm going to try and make it a doozy!!  Think lots of RED! ❤

See you tomorrow!


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