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Flatlay Challenge - Flatlay a Day For 28 Days! ❤ Day 16

Finally! We had some very sketchy Internet service at the coast these last two days.  I'm writing this at about 12:30 am, but that's cool, 'cause I can sleep in a bit tomorrow. 😊

So, here's brunch at the beach!  Shrimp veggie omlette with toast points!  I must say it was not my best looking omlette. Omlettes are not my specialty, but it tasted pretty dang good, all the same!

I love this shot! ❤ It's a cup of earl grey tea with cinnamon,  cardamom and edible flowers.  Makes for a pretty brunch beverage don't you think?

Well, I'm off to bed.  I do believe I'm going to do a dessert flatlay shoot tomorrow. Good night, guys! 😊


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